Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English. I’m Neil and today I’m joined by Dan, a producer at BBC Learning English. That's what he does for a living.


Hello everyone… Yes, that's part of my job, of course – why is Neil bringing this up now?


So you haven't always worked as a producer at BBC Learning English, have you?


No… I used to be a teacher.


And prior to that? A long time ago – your very first job?


When I was 14, I used to have a paper round. This involved delivering newspapers to people's homes, and it's a job commonly held by teenagers.


The topic of this 6 Minute English podcast episode is whether schoolchildren should have jobs, and the hosts will be discussing the trend of fewer schoolchildren having jobs these days. They will also be introducing 6 job-related words and expressions and posing a quiz question. Are you prepared?


You bet!


What is the minimum age at which children are legally permitted to work in the UK? a) 12, b) 13, c) 14

在英国,允许工作的最小年龄是c) 14岁。

I would say 14 because that was my age and it feels like a really long time ago!


We'll see if your prediction is correct when the program concludes. To begin, let's listen to some British teenagers discussing their Saturday jobs.


Part-time work that teenagers do for extra money is commonly referred to as a Saturday job. While the name implies that these jobs usually occur on Saturdays, they may not always be limited to that day.

Saturday job是指青少年在周六或其他时间做兼职工作赚取金钱的一种表达。名称中的“Saturday”指的是周六,但实际上这些兼职工作并不限定只在周六进行。

Yes, the term "Saturday job" is commonly used to refer to part-time work typically done by teenagers, although it can actually take place on any day of the week. Now, let’s listen to what these British children have to say about their part-time work experiences.

是的,"Saturday job"是用来描述青少年做兼职工作的术语,不一定局限于星期六。他们可能在周日或者一周中的其他任何一天工作。我们一起听听这些英国青少年讲述他们的打工经历吧!

We are responsible for ensuring that the items on the shelves are well-organized and easily accessible for customers. If customers need assistance locating products, we are here to help them.


During an average week, I work nine hours, splitting my time between two hours for two school nights and four hours on Saturday, and two hours on Sunday. When school holidays come around, I am able to work more.


The initial teenager stated that the task entails ensuring the shelves appear organized. Working in a shop is a common Saturday job.


Yes, I have spent numerous weekends and evenings stacking shelves! The second job teenagers might have usually involves working on Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings. Just as we mentioned – a Saturday job doesn't only mean working on Saturdays.


In the UK, having a Saturday job is almost considered a rite of passage. This term is used to describe events or ceremonies that mark significant stages in a person's life.


That's true – like graduating from school, or having children. But according to the latest statistics in the UK, things are changing. Here's a BBC report on it.


In order to work legally, individuals need to obtain a permit from the local authority. Our data indicates that the number of permits issued has decreased from almost 30,000 in 2012 to only 23,000 in 2016. Employers often express concern about the limited work experience of young people. However, teenagers are also experiencing pressure to prioritize their studies over taking on part-time jobs.


It appears that fewer teenagers are pursuing Saturday jobs, leading to a conflicting situation.


Absolutely, employers often express dissatisfaction with the limited work experience of young individuals. "Bemoan" is a formal term for complaining about something.


However, on the flip side, adolescents are often discouraged from taking on part-time employment and are instead encouraged to focus on their studies. There is a belief held by some that working could have a negative impact on a student's academic development.


Detrimental means causing harm, and it's indeed a complex concept. I believe that my experience of spending Saturdays stacking shelves and serving fish and chips taught me valuable lessons about working with adults and managing my money. Therefore, I don't think it had a negative impact on my education.


Congratulations on securing a position at BBC Learning English! As for myself, I learned the value of hard work through my experience with a paper round. It certainly didn't hold me back. "Hold back" means to prevent someone or something from moving forward.


Let’s not discuss too much to avoid disrupting our students. Now, it's time to reveal the answer to our quiz question. I inquired about the minimum age at which children are permitted to work in the UK. Is it a) 12, b) 13, or c) 14?

我们不要让讨论影响到学生们。让我们回到今天问题的答案上。你在英国允许工作的最小年龄是多少?a) 12岁, b) 13岁, c) 14岁?

I said c) 14.


I'm sorry, but that information is incorrect. In the UK, the legal working age is 13, with exceptions such as TV, theatre, and modelling.


I suppose I should have dedicated more time to my studies.


Would you like to review the vocabulary?


Neil, did you have experience delivering newspapers when you were young?


No, I didn't, but I did assist my good friend James in delivering newspapers in exchange for a pound. It was considered a substantial amount of money back in the 80s!


Did you work a Saturday job to supplement your earnings?


Yes, I did. I worked at a supermarket on Saturdays and at a fish and chip shop, although it wasn't always on Saturdays. By the way, Dan, is that a wedding ring on your finger?


Indeed, it is. Marriage is considered a significant milestone in many cultures. It marks an important stage in a person’s life. By the way, are those your children featured on your screensaver?


Absolutely – having children is definitely a significant rite of passage. Just take a look at how exhausted I am!


Don't complain about your lack of sleep! I'm sure they are wonderful people. "Bemoan" is a formal way of saying "complain about."


I believe it's acceptable to express my frustration about my lack of sleep – it can negatively impact my health.


Detrimental means causing harm. As long as your tiredness doesn't interfere with your work on 6 Minute English.


I’m dedicated to my work on 6 Minute English and I won’t let anything stand in the way of my progress.


Your commitment is truly admirable! Farewell!






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